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Full disclosure

It's a simple equation: Transparency is only as good as the access available to public documents.

With this in mind, CommonWealth has set up an information page to help residents wade through the state’s public records request system. Here you’ll find detailed information on making public records requests, links to records available online at state websites, as well as links to CommonWealth’s own growing public records database.

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About the Public
Records Law

CW Records Online

Recent Coverage

Asking for records
Custodian's response
The fees
The exemptions
Attorney-client privilege
Quasi-government agencies/misc. 
More help/resource links
2012 SFI Filings
2011 SFI Filings
2011 Lobbyist Data
Feb. 2012 Level 3 Sex Offender Data
2010 SFI Filings
2009 SFI Filings
2008 SFI Filings 
Per Diem Payments
2009 Special Education Data
'Tracking the truth'
supporting documents

Beacon Hill's army of influence
Transparency missing from

Public records makeover
Is the HEFA severance fight worth it?
Records law doesn't apply to governor
Globe files suit on severance records
Rebate records withheld by state
Editor's note: Everybody knew
Missed opportunity
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Statements of Financial Interest/Per Diem Payments

2009 SFI Filings 
Financial disclosure filers now online. 

2008 SFI Filings
October 27, 2009
Financial disclosure forms for more than 250 elected and appointed officials in Massachusetts.

Per diem payments
October 27, 2009
These daily stipends paid to senators and representatives for travel, meals, and lodging whether the Legislature is in session or not. You can view them by clicking here; note that each PDF is for multiple lawmakers.

Special Education Data
April 28, 2009
This database contains enrollment, graduation, and budget information related to special education in all of the state’s school districts.