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We know there are lots of demands on your time and money, but supporting our brand of journalism at whatever level you can afford is a wise investment. The news business in Boston and across Massachusetts is going through a wrenching period of change. News organizations are shrinking. Coverage is narrowing. In-depth reporting on public policy and civic life is in danger of disappearing.

Celebrating 15 years in business, CommonWealth is trying to buck that trend. It was conceived as a nonpartisan quarterly magazine devoted to examining government and public policy in Massachusetts. Over the last few years, the magazine has expanded online and broadened its reach to include investigative reporting as well as What Works dispatches from across the country on successful policies and practices that could be replicated here in Massachusetts. The magazine has become an award-winning combination of news, analysis, and commentary you can not only use but absolutely need in these chaotic times.

CommonWealth, a unit of the nonprofit think tank MassINC, relies on foundation and corporate grants and the support of individuals like you who see the value in unbiased reporting on issues that are receiving less and less attention from the mainstream media.

As a supporter, you’ll be sent a print or electronic copy of the magazine, access to all of our online content and research, exclusive invitations to events, and a chance to periodically meet with the editor to discuss the magazine’s content and direction. We need your financial support, but we also need your ideas and enthusiasm. So select a donation level and start supporting CommonWealth today. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

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